• 17 May 2024

Get to know us - The Cheesy Pig

The Cheesy Pig - Pulled pork packed with flavour!

Masters of their craft, The Cheesy Pig serve up incredibly juicy, pulled pork street food. Featuring pulled pork buns, stacked with fillings and oozing with flavour, paired with their smashing selection of sides! They’ve become a big name around Lincolnshire and it’s clear to see why - they’ve taken ‘mouthwatering’ food to a whole new level! Let's dive into the story behind this flavour powerhouse and why it’s become a must-visit for food lovers.

Where it all began

The Cheesy Pig was born during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021, starting as a humble Sunday Dinner service serving pulled meats, with the dream to develop into serving up the dishes they do today. The first year saw the birth of their mobile kitchen - a custom-built trailer aimed at bringing their delicious bites to the wider Lincolnshire area. With overwhelming success, they expanded rapidly, adding three more trailers over the next two years. Today, with four fully equipped trailers, The Cheesy Pig is a familiar and beloved presence in Lincolnshire and around the UK, operating at some of the UK’s largest events, dishing up their popular pulled pork creations.

Where the idea was born

Now, let's talk about the master behind the operation – owner Sam. A chef by trade, Sam's love for great food runs deep. "I remember one of my first birthdays, I asked for a Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef Cookbook," he recalls. "Food has always been my passion.". With years of experience as a chef, Sam decided to follow his dream and start his own business. His mission? Serve up honest, delicious food with a unique twist. And boy, does he deliver!

Dishing up the goods at STACK Lincoln

After being begged by their customer’s for a permanent site, seeing the opportunity at STACK Lincoln, they bit the bullet and did something they’ve always wanted to do. “We knew Lincoln should be our home” says owner, Sam. STACK Lincoln marks an exciting start of a new journey for The Cheesy Pig. “Having a permanent site has always been a dream from the start, but I never actually thought one day I’d look at a solid door, rather than a small metal one on my horse trailer!”

At STACK Lincoln, The Cheesy Pig will be serving up all of their classic, most loved dishes. We’re talking a smashing selection of pulled pork buns with innovative flavour combinations, paired with a tasty selection of sides. “We like simplist, tasty, big food” says Sam. “Our menu is simple with creative twists and unbelievable homemade sauces”. “The Pooh Bear is a fan favourtie with pulled pork, topped with deep fried halloumi, covered in our homemade chilli infused hot honey!”

“We’ve always prided ourselves on homemade cooking and large portions! This won’t change at STACK, no one leaves hungry!”

So, whether you're a pulled pork lover or just someone who appreciates good food done right, make sure to swing by The Cheesy Pig at STACK Lincoln.