• 13 May 2024

Get to know us - Barbell Burger

Flipping Flavour at Barbell Burger: A Lincolnshire Legend

Barbell Burger are the hometown heroes of Lincolnshire's burger scene. From serving up the goods at local hotspots around Lincolnshire, to their shiny new spot at STACK Lincoln, these burger aficionados have been smashing, stacking, and serving up smiles since day one. Get ready to hear the sizzle of the grill, smell the aroma of perfectly seasoned patties and dive headfirst into a juicy, flavour-packed bun!

Where Barbell Burger was born:

Born out of a shared love for all things burger, this local legend began its journey in 2019, as a passion project fuelled by a profound love for burgers. Noticing a gap in the local food scene, owners Dan and Jason took a leap of faith, leaving behind their day jobs to pursue their dream full-time. And oh, what a delicious dream it turned out to be! Serving up their juicy pattys at popular food spots and events around Lincolnshire, they quickly gained a reputation for flipping the finest burgers around.

Flavour in Every Bite:

Each burger on their perfectly formed menu is a masterpiece, featuring their iconic patty made with locally sourced, quality ingredients. From classic, well-loved recipes to unique innovative flavour combinations, their freshly made in-house burgers are truly one-of-a-kind.

And they don’t just stop there! They will also be serving up juicy, crispy Korean fried chicken, fresh-cut fries made to order and their own homemade sauces that elevate every bite to new heights.

STACKing the Goods at STACK Lincoln:

Joining the vibrant community at STACK Lincoln marks a new chapter for Barbell Burger. With a new permanent location in the heart of their home turf and a slick new logo and look, they’re thrilled to share their passion for burgers with locals and visitors alike. Beyond serving up their delicious dishes, they’re excited to contribute to the lively atmosphere and sense of community that defines STACK and look forward to STACK Lincoln becoming a belobved hub for foodies and friends alike.

Barbell Burger isn’t just a burger joint; it’s a celebration of local flavour, passion, and community. With each bite, you experience the essence of Lincolnshire with fresh, homemade ingredients in every mouthful.

Good times, great food, and even better company await at STACK Lincoln. Let's dive into some burger magic, shall we?