• 07 May 2024

Get to know us - Oh La La

Oh La La: Fries, Fried Chicken, and a Whole Lot of Flavour!

Lincolnshire locals Oh La La have one simple mission – to reinvent the humble French fry into a gourmet delight that involves a wide variety of dishes to show that... (shout it louder for the people at the back), that fries are NOT just a side dish! Their concept has taken Lincolnshire by storm with pop ups all around Lincoln and working at some of the biggest festivals and street food events in the UK. Let’s dive into where it all began.

Where the seed was planted | Where the fryvolution began:

Oh La La was founded in 2021, by husband & wife team Peri and Lucy, born from a love for all things food and fries. Seeing that one of their favourite dishes was often overlooked, they made it their mission to shake up the snack scene and reinvent french fries into the star of the show, using a sprinkle of creativity and a whole lot of insanely delicious toppings and innovative flavour combinations.

From Fry to Fabulous:

Since 2021, they have expanded and grown rapidly. From rocking out at big-name festivals like Download and Forbidden Forest to popping up at events all over the UK, including big-name street food events and even serving up their delicious dishes at Formula One - there’s no denying they’ve got it nailed!

Using fresh, local ingredients, each of their dishes are crafted to bring a taste that’s contemporary, comforting, and, let's be real, totally Instagrammable. Because if you didn't snap a pic, did you even eat it?

Bringing a new Oh La La to STACK Lincoln:

Eager to get stuck into a permanent spot where they can massively develop their menu, Oh La La will not just be serving up their beloved loaded fries, they will be also adding fried chicken, XXL subs, loaded hash browns and more to their menu at STACK Lincoln.

Whether it’s their signature loaded fries, or you’re trying out their newbies - you’re in for a treat! So grab your friends, grab your phones, and get ready to snap some pics, because this is one snack experience you won't want to miss.

Oh La La—making fries fabulous, one flavour-packed bite at a time!