Empowering the Local Community

Embracing a community-centric approach, STACK is dedicated to creating a lively and inclusive space that goes beyond traditional entertainment. Our commitment to community building is exemplified through a series of free events that bring residents together, serving as a platform for local artists, performers, and community groups to showcase their talents. 

Our commitment to the local community extends to the very fabric of STACK's design and curated offerings. With a keen focus on reflecting the rich tapestry of Sunderland, our venue serves as a testament to the distinctiveness of the community it inhabits. From featuring local street food entrepreneurs to providing a stage for talented musicians and emerging artists, STACK becomes a dynamic showcase of Sunderland's cultural heritage, celebrating the unique identity of the city.

At STACK, our commitment to Sunderland extends beyond the confines of our venue; it's a dedication to building a thriving community hand-in-hand with the existing seafront ecosystem. STACK embodies a holistic approach to community engagement, fostering economic growth, inclusivity, and social vibrancy.

Empowering the Local Community